About us!

Coming from a racing and action sports background since childhood, Mike found himself falling in love with drifting. Since his start as a driver in 2016, setting goals to obtain each year has been the main focus. Mike's dedication to his craft has grown each year as he strives and adapts to new challenges in pursuit of his goal of becoming a professional driver. Mike has backed his intentions with hard work and commitment to grow as a Pro/Am driver and team owner. Debuting in the Formula Drift Pro 2 series in 2020 will be the most critical year of his career --
Mike and his team are ready!
In 2014 Mike Power got his first drift car, a stripped and gutted 240sx proving to be a solid platform for many years to come. Starting his first season of drifting in 2016, he found his home track at Club Loose in Englishtown, NJ. Club Loose is known to be a large staple in the grassroots drifting community, with some of the world's top drifters coming from this track. Mike quickly climbed up the ranks to becoming an A Group Driver. He took things to the next level at the end of 2017 by transforming his 300hp drift car into a 600+hp Pro/Am competition car. Making his debut in Pro/Am competition in May of 2018 he was pleased with landing a top 10 finish. Being that there was only one chance to compete in 2018, Mike went back to Club Loose to sharpen his skills in the newly built car, figuring out its strong and weak points. Taking time in the off season to make a more reliable and serviceable race car, his eyes were set on a larger goal -- to travel the country in hopes of winning a Formula Drift Pro 2 license for the 2020 season. After making a solid first round at the US Drift Pro/Am shootout in Virginia, it was time to gear up for a cross country trip to California for the Sonoma Drift Pro/AM shootout. Mike and the Power Racing team were ready to take on the West Coast which ended in a 1st place finish earning Mike his license. Mike and the team ended the season with two more competitions, one in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak International Raceway and one in Dayton, Ohio at Kil-Kare Raceway. Both races proved to be a great success.