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Power Racing is a brand built by professional drifter Mike Power. More than just merchandise, Power Racing embodies Mike's dedication to excellence on and off the track.


From New York Streets to California Dreams

Born and raised in New York, Mike's passion for driving ignited early. Now living in California, he's turned that passion into a full-blown racing career.

Mike's journey in Formula Drift began in 2020 when he entered the Prospec class. His talent was undeniable, and by 2022, he was competing in the Pro category. His impressive rookie season earned him the coveted title of Rookie of the Year.


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    Power Racing's merchandise line isn't just for fans; it's for anyone who shares Mike's drive and determination. Our products reflect Mike's personality, both the focused competitor and the fun-loving enthusiast.

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    Join the Power Racing community and follow Mike's journey as he continues to climb the ranks of Formula Drift. We'll keep you updated on upcoming races, exclusive merchandise releases, and behind-the-scenes content.